Ultimate Variety Box

ALL our Fila Manila products for you to enjoy!

This 5 Pack Variety includes:
+ 1 Pouch of ADOBO Simmer Sauce & Marinade (NEXTY Award Winner)
+ 1 Pouch of KARE-KARE Simmer Sauce (Bon Appetit Magazine: "Best We've Tried")
+ 1 Bottle of Banana Ketchup Condiment (NEXTY Award Winner)
+ 1 Bottle of ISLA SAUCE Boozy Pineapple Rum Condiment
+ 1 Pouch of Ube Purple Yam Spread (NEXTY Award Winner)

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What is Adobo?

Adobo is beloved in the Philippines and is often considered a comfort food. Its versatility and rich flavor profile make it a favorite among both Filipinos and those who have had the opportunity to try it. Adobo is known for its distinctive savory and tangy flavor and goes great on meats, seafood, or vegetables.

What is Kare Kare?

Meet Kare-Kare (kah·reh kah·reh), the Philippines’ delicious take on a hearty peanut-based stew.  Creamy peanut, tangy vinegar, date nectar, garlic, onion, and mild spices unite for a rich, savory, & slightly sweet celebration of Filipino flavors.

What is Ube?

Ube Purple Yam Jam, or Ube Halaya is our Award Winning creamy coconut & purple yam-based jam that tastes like tropical bliss, made from the Ube, a purple yam that is one of the Philippines' most beloved and symbolic foods.

What is Banana Ketchup?

This Ketchup is Literally Bananas —Yellow there! Get ready for tropical deliciousness with the sweet and tangy magic of Banana Ketchup! Born in the Philippines during WWI, Banana Ketchup was created to make to make the most out of the abundance of bananas and the shortage of tomatoes.

What is Isla Ketchup?

Introducing Isla Sauce, a boozy sweet and sour sauce that brings a taste of the Philippines straight to home kitchens across the US. The name nods to the 7,000+ islands that make up the Philippines and the bright, sunny flavor profile celebrates the spirit of the Southeast. Combines real Kasama small-batch Philippine rum with crushed pineapple and mild Filipino spices for a sweet, sour, and just a little tipsy treat.

  • Vegan

  • No Fake Flavors

  • No Fake Colors

  • Gluten Free

How to Cook with Fila Manila Products

  • Marinade

    Marinate beef, chicken, or pork for a savory, salty, tangy, and umami flavor bomb that will blow your mind.

  • Sauce

    Simmer with your favorite veggies and protein of choice until meat is tender and sauce reaches your desired consistency. Chicken and pork is traditional but equally delicious with plant-based options. Best serve with white rice!

  • Seasoning

    Toss with your favorite stirfried veggies, rice, or meats to add delicious & world-famous Filipino flavors.

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