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UBE Purple Yam & Coconut Spread

Ube is a purple yam that is indigenous to the Philippines and is one of the country's most beloved, symbolic, & beautiful foods. My family uses this vibrant purple tuber to make Ube Halaya, a creamy coconut & yam-based spread that tastes like velvety tropical bliss.

Spread it, dip it, mix it, or spoon it! Spread it on toast, or pancakes, use it as a delicious ice cream topper, or dip it with pretzels and fruit! Or eat it straight from the pouch!

WARM CLIMATE DISCLAIMER: Our Ube Purple Yam Jam and Coconut Jam products are made from natural & organic coconut cream. With high temperatures, it is possible that your product will melt. If it does melt, just pop it in the refrigerator. The quality of the product will not change.


Organic coconut, Organic Tapioca syrup, Organic coconut cream (Organic Coconut Kernel Extract, Water), Cane Sugar, Organic Inulin, Philippine Ube Powder, Natural Ube Flavor, Less than 2% of: Kosher Salt, Gum Acacia, fruit & Vegetable (Color).

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What is Ube?

Ube Purple Yam Jam, or Ube Halaya is our Award Winning creamy coconut & purple yam-based jam that tastes like tropical bliss, made from the Ube, a purple yam that is one of the Philippines' most beloved and symbolic foods.

How to Cook with Ube

It's all about the ingredients


Organic creamy coconut sourced from Philippines.

Purple Yam

Real UBE (Purple Yam) sourced directly from Filipino Farmers.

Product Lineup

Kumain Ka Na (eat now) and please enjoy!

Fila Manila is here to represent the next generation of Filipino American flavors. We make award winning food products like Filipino Adobo sauce, Kare Kare peanut sauce, Ube Purple Yam spread, and Banana Ketchup!