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Isla Sauce 🍍🍹 Boozy Pineapple Filipino Rum Sauce with Kasama Rum - FREE SHIPPING

Introducing Isla Sauce —a boozy sweet and sour sauce that brings a taste of the Philippines straight to home kitchens across the US. The name nods to the 7,000+ islands that make up the Philippines and the bright, sunny flavor profile celebrates the spirit of the Southeast Asian country. Kasama x Fila Manila’s Isla Sauce also aims to modernize and play into the nostalgia of classic Asian sweet and sour sauce with a tangy yet sweet profile that's tropical and fruity, complete with a splash of Kasama rum and crushed pineapple made to complement your favorite proteins and vegetables.

Kasama x Fila Manila’s Isla Sauce offers a wide variety of uses cases and is ideal for adding a tropical, sweet and sour punch to burgers, grilled vegetables, pork dishes, french fries, salad dressings, or even snuck into the Filipino favorite Jollibee as a dipping sauce for their famous crispy chicken tenders.


5 Pack Super Sauces Variety Box - Isla Sauce Boozy Pineapple Rum, Adobo, Kare Kare, Caldereta, & Spicy Adobo FREE SHIPPING

Our SUPER FIVE (5) Fila Manila varieties for you to enjoy!
This 5 Pack Variety includes:
+ 1 jar of ADOBO Simmer Sauce & Marinade (Award-Winning!)
+ 1 jar of KARE-KARE Simmer Sauce (Bon Appetit - BEST We've Tried)
+ 1 jar of CALDERETA Simmer sauce
+ 1 jar of SPICY ADOBO Simmer Sauce & Marinade
+ 1 jar of ISLA SAUCE Boozy Pineapple Rum Condiment (Collab with Kasama Rum)


Adobo - The Iconic Filipino Soy and Garlic Sauce & Marinade - FREE SHIPPING

6 pack ( 6 x 12 oz jars). A Filipino Tamari-Soy and Garlic Simmer Sauce & Marinade.

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