Tortang Talong

When I visit my relatives in the Philippines, we like to cook for each other. One of my signature dishes is tortang talong. The eggplant’s smokiness and banana ketchup’s sweetness never fail to fill the mornings with heat and energy.

If you like crispy, creamy, and a little sweet, why not have tortang talong with our banana ketchup for brunch? Also known as torta, this pan-fried charred eggplant doused in egg is popular in the Philippines and easy to bring into your home! Plus, it’s vegan-friendly. 

You can add additional spices or seasonings of your choice, like soy sauce, in the egg mixture! Be sure to char the eggplant to give this recipe its characteristic smoky flavor. We like to use thinner purple eggplants because they’ll fit more easily in your pan. Magandang umaga (Good morning)!